Friday 16 August 2013

PMD: Part technical note, part confession

I've been meaning to do some code style / complexity checks for a while. JavaNCSS seems to be broken with Java 1.7 syntax so I'm just using PMD. First, a quick how-to for the Jenkins install to help recreate the effect. First, create a slave instance which will stop rather than terminate, using the slave AMI. Then...

Monday 12 August 2013

Jenkins Slave on EC2

Our Jenkins master running on an AWS t1.micro has run out of memory for running the more complex integration tests e.g. play server, mongodb, headless X and firefox. Rather than have the cost of a larger instance all the time when pushes to version control are occasional (cough) we will run a slave for these tests that only costs when there's a test to run. A simple JUnit run through can still work on the master. The Jenkins Amazon EC2 plugin makes this easy, and handles temporary instances.
This install a lot like the earlier post on creating the master, so I'll skip most of the screenshots, but fix a few things too: