Friday 1 August 2014

Softly Softly

It has been nearly a month, so what progress?

Firstly, I've had a lot of admin to deal with. Most necessary, little passes the "interesting things with interesting people" test, none merits writing further about right now!

I've been working on a website in my spare time, using Ninja (discussed elsewhere). There's been quite a lot of learning along the way (a bit more about actually using Ninja, finding my way round Bootstrap, learning how Injectors work, revisiting graphics programming I last did many years ago, weighing up design approaches...), and at some point I hope to distill a post of things that are useful, repeatable and not covered thoroughly elsewhere out of this. Right now that isn't ready. The next step involves me broadening my NoSQL horizons a bit. I can see the steps from here to a first public version, just need to find the play-time to take them.

Another project has involved a lot of looking at licences and other legal stuff, and considering how that fits products that are still being developed and a lot of "what ifs" about future investors. It isn't the technical side of building a thing, nor the working for people. It matters, a lot, to the business though so it merits the investment in time. We've also had some really excellent partners giving us advice, so thank-you to them. However, there's very little I ought to openly say about the detail. We've been "nearly there" many times over quite a long time, but today some of the deals were signed. Which is a relief.

So, the blog isn't dead, I haven't had an extended holiday and done nothing, nor taken up basket weaving. But it has been a "bunch of stuff" sort of month, rather than a "here's a thing" sort.

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