Friday 5 December 2014

TripVis MVP

I have a minimum viable product!

  • Minimum: there really isn't very much I could strip out, without loosing something. It is running on the smallest setup, its a bit slow, and there's already a backlog of ideas. But they all add on to this. Yes, there's an about page and a terms page, but I think they signal something important about intentions and reasons for something I'm putting out there. 
  • Viable: well, it does something. Whether anyone else wants it remains to be seen, but that's the point. 
  • Product: yes, it's a thing (a cloud hosted web service if you want). You can use it. One day I might add paying for it, and make it a product in the business sense of the word. But for now it is a pet project and a vehicle for exploring ideas, an ideas product.
So, here it is:

Not too much fanfare for now - try a few things, see what happens. If you give it a go I'd be delighted to hear from you:

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