Thursday 18 June 2015

Learning Python (7) - Consolidation and Django

It's been a few weeks since my last post. So, what news?

I've done more of the Katas I had planned for learning now. The extra ones have been Map Kata and Data Munging. They were interesting, but I'm not going to blog them in full here. They mostly served to consolidate rather than show me new things. There's a couple more on the list, but they're pushed down the to-do list a bit for now. The fact it doesn't all feel new seems like a good sign.

I've been exploring Django. Mostly in the form of the tutorial so far, although I've added some spice to this: First by testing, both the Django tests in the tutorial, but also Selenium end to end smoke tests. Second, by playing with Docker alongside this. Working with a development container of Django and sqlite3 most of the time, but also running a triple-container setup of Django, Postgres and Jenkins. This isn't the first time I've used Docker, but I'm quite pleased with my current explorations of common and dev / test docker-compose setups, with matching Django common, dev and test setups. More on this as I get a setup for one of my projects that I feel is stable in use.

Finally (you may have noticed) I've started using the domain. I'm winding down one job and ramping another two up. One is development work for a start-up, the other is my own company. This blog will still focus on my own things, but there's now a name for it.

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